Build at scale skilled talent
with SkillPrism

Automate 360° profiling based on best-in-class ontology and integrations. Create skill centric social network and guide employees towards specializations, aligning individual aspirations with market needs.

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Achieve 30% higher digital readiness

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20% more employee engagement

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Structured skill ontology

Live configurable consistent skill graphs and
  • Best in class intelligent design of skill taxonomy
  • Adjacent skill graphs for upskill/near fit actions
  • (Re)configurable skill graphs in line with market needs
  • External triggers on new and upcoming skills
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Automated skill & proficiencies

Create automated skill profiles of your talent
  • Capture profile insights from multiple internal systems and sites
  • Seamless review and update mechanism
  • Evolve through learning algos e.g. debias results
  • Extend functionality to vendors
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AI-driven skill social network

Empower employees with a thriving skill social network
  • Gamify and nudge talent towards digital goals
  • Skill based communities
  • Mentor and expert networks
  • 360 degree profile view for collaborators
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Specializations & career paths

Guide employees through a lifelong learning mission
  • Tailored career paths for different personas
  • Specializations to suit markets, individual aspiration, company goals
  • Recommend courses, work archetypes
  • Ready integrations with talent and other core systems
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Actionable decisions with InsightPrism

Impactful tailored decision support systems
  • Top down view focused on critical business decisions and actions
  • Role based configurable drill downs tailored to organisation needs
  • AI driven pattern recognition and recommendations
  • Intuitive designs for system driven reviews
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