Create an AI powered talent marketplace with IntelliPrism

Automate demand capture, multi-factor searches and intelligently catch issues upstream. Deploy specific rules engines tailored to market and company needs, turbo charge growth.

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Achieve upto 5% higher billable utilisation

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Improve internal fulfilment by 50% & crash time to fulfill

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Intelligent demand capture & dissemination

Improve upstream demand capture, reduce cycle time
  • Significantly improve demand quality using AI, correct issues at source
  • Crash cycle time with smart suggestions at demand creation
  • Automatically generate demand 80% of the time
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Tailored workflows & rules

Responsive well integrated workflows and rules
  • Create rules engine driven by business priorities
  • Refine workflows, tailor approval paths, improve visibility
  • Ready integration with core systems
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Multi-factor AI-driven search

Intelligent search aligning client, employee, organisation needs
  • Create search archetypes with tailored prioritisation rules
  • Proactively manage inventory, nudge for near fit matches
  • Create a thriving talent marketplace, run campaigns
  • Extend visibility to on-demand talent
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No more time sinks

Free up management bandwidth for decisions, increase productivity
  • Reallocate time from resourcing to coaching for Managers
  • Predict & resolve issues upstream e.g. deprioritise cancellable demand
  • Crash bench time for talent, suggest upskill actions
  • Faster project starts, reduced client wait time
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AI-led decision support with

Data driven decisions with actionable insights
  • Top down view focused on key business metrics
  • Drill downs to focus on tactical actions e.g. buffer reductions
  • AI driven pattern recognition e.g. cancellation prediction
  • Identify trends and patterns and bubble up gaps, root causes
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