Plan and fulfill skill needs with AI driven OutlookPrism

Avoid lost sales and reduce cost of delivery. Leverage AI driven granular forecasts to proactively plan and fulfill digital skills through proactive hiring & reskilling

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50% increase in proactive hiring and reskilling

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60% reduction in lost sales

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Interlocked revenue & talent plans

Reduce gaps in BAU revenue/talent-skill planning
  • Reduce unfulfilled demand and unplanned ramp up/downs
  • Ensure much needed granular interlocks
  • Drive cross functional reviews with 360 degree data backed insights
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Machine learning-led granular forecasts

Granular forecasts at skill-role-location level with high accuracy
  • Predict attrition and growth linked demand accurately
  • Catch issues upstream, prioritize demand
  • Segment skill types and build specific fulfilment strategies
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Build proactive hiring & learning plans

Reduce cost of delivery through proactive hiring and learning interventions
  • Build proactive hiring engine and develop plans for priority skills
  • Create learning plans on priority specializations in demand
  • Share insights on demand with your partner ecosystem (e.g recruiting agencies)
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Free up organisation bandwidth

Reduce time spent in data gathering & focus on so-whats and actions
  • Get actionable insights on key operating and financial metrics
  • Create automated action plans, for reviews
  • Free up time for managers, shift focus to higher value added work
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