Responsible Disclosure Policy

Prismforce takes the security of our systems and data privacy very seriously.

  • E-mail your findings to Please share your contact information with your mobile number.
  • Do provide enough information to reproduce the problem, so we will be able to resolve it as quickly as possible.
  • Do not take advantage of the vulnerability or problem you have discovered, for example by downloading more data than necessary to demonstrate the vulnerability or deleting or modifying other people's data
  • Do not reveal the problem to others
  • Do not use attacks on physical security, social engineering, distributed denial of service, spam, etc

Process to report an issue: 

We constantly strive to make our systems safe for our customers to use. However, if in the rare case a security researcher or member of the general public discovers a security vulnerability in our systems and responsibly shares the details with us, we appreciate their contribution and work closely with them to address any reported issue with urgency. At our discretion, we may choose to reward the researcher through our Bug Bounty program.