Prismforce Launches AI-Driven Career Mapping and Candidate Matching Products to Reimagine Talent Transformation

Prismforce SaaS enables IT & tech services companies to accelerate profitable growth by digitising and transforming their talent supply chain

Mumbai, February 19, 2024: Prismforce, a leading AI-powered talent supply chain platform, today announced the launch of its newest products - CareerPrism and MatchPrism at the Mumbai Tech Week (MTW), organised by the Tech Entrepreneurs Association of Mumbai (TEAM) to tackle pressing talent challenges around career mapping and candidate screening. 

Backed by Sequoia Capital India (now PeakXV), Prismforce's cloud-based platform is used by over 20+ leading IT services and technology companies worldwide, serving more than 500,000 users. Clients have seen significant improvement in digitising their processes & uptick in operating metrics by leveraging the AI capabilities of the platform.

These cutting-edge new products are built on the foundations of its current talent supply chain product suite that includes SkillPrism, an AI-led skill inventory management application to automate talent profiling, IntelliPrism, an end-to-end resource management module with AI-driven search and match, OutlookPrism, for workforce planning and resource forecasting and InsightPrism which offers actionable CXO dashboards.

CareerPrism allows companies to visually map career progression paths across their organization. Employees can use CareerPrism's interactive UI to explore possible lateral moves and identify skill gaps needed to reach target roles. Key features like tailored recommendations, bookmarking future roles, and integration with learning systems simplify development planning and fills in the gap of mentorship in an hybrid world.

Meanwhile, MatchPrism automates the tedious task of resume screening by instantly matching and ranking candidates against open job requisitions. Recruiters can configure matching parameters, review ranked profiles complete with match evidence, and filter to the most qualified applicants. This results in massive efficiency gains for hiring teams and improves hiring velocity significantly. MatchPrism sits on top of recruitment systems which are often sector agnostic and lack nuances of the tech sector. 

Prismforce is reimagining talent supply chain for IT and tech services companies through its AI-powered product suite. By radically streamlining staff planning and empowering career progression, Prismforce enables accelerated, profitable growth for enterprises while substantially increasing employee engagement.

Somnath Chatterjee, Founder & CEO, said:

"Technology has made business transformation and innovation faster than ever. But companies' ability to reskill and acquire talent struggles to keep pace.
With CareerPrism and MatchPrism, we're arming talent leaders with the tools they need to develop talent from within while also matching the right external candidates to open roles quickly."

Mohd Qasim, Co-Founder, adds:

"These new product launches underscore our commitment to leveraging AI, ML and analytics to tackle the most pressing talent challenges. We look forward to partnering deeper with our customers as they embark on their talent transformation journeys."

With the addition of CareerPrism and MatchPrism, Prismforce is poised to further extend its leadership in tech services and enterprise talent management. To learn more about CareerPrism and MatchPrism, visit

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